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“Finish the Cycle”

“Finish the Cycle”

While we know that we have some very good ideas, we also know that there are others out there who do too.  One of our go-to organizational guru’s is Peter Walsh. If you aren’t familiar with him, we recommend that at a minimum you Google him.  If you read The Oprah Magazine, then we know you have heard of him

The key to good organizational concepts is that they are easy to understand and easy to follow.  Most importantly, they are easy to maintain.  Maybe “easy” isn’t the right word because these concepts tend to involve some serious habit changing but if you stick with it you can have some real success.

So today we share a wonderful Peter Walsh gem:  “Finish the Cycle”

‘Consider your washing machine:  You’d never fill it with dirty clothes, let it run for 20 minutes, then turn it off and let the clothes sit for two days.  That would create a stinky mess! So it is with our daily routines:  Doing things halfway wreaks havoc.  That’s why it’s important to finish each cycle.  For example, if you bring a dirty plate into the kitchen, don’t leave it on the counter-put it in the dishwasher! When you pull on sweatpants after work, don’t toss your skirt onto the bed-hang it in your closet.  If you bring in the mail, don’t drop it on the table-sort it (recycle any junk/leave bills in a flat try).  Each of these tasks requires about a minute, which is minimal compared with the time you’d waste later looking for that skirt or bill.’

This concept fits hand-in-hand with our 2-minute rule.  They are both really good organizational habits to develop.  These blogs could focus on all of our bad habits that lead to the dis-organization in our lives; however, that would just result in everyone feeling bad and wouldn’t provide encouragement about developing good organizational habits. We prefer to focus on the positive! Makes us all happier…So Finish the Cycle!

Finish the Cycle


Back to School Boot Camp

Organization is the key for avoiding stressful school mornings.  To help you get “in shape” for the start of school we’re going to share our favorite tips to get Back to School Organized

Tip #1-Pick out school outfits for the week…Sunday is the perfect day to do this.  Have children stack shirts & shorts together so they can dress themselves.  This photo has two great ways to display the clothes (hanging shelves or labeled hangers), pick the one that fits your space the best.  Busy moms and dads may also find this tip helpful!!

clothes for week

Tip #2-Create a home file with a slot for each subject; color code the tabs to match with any folders used for each class.  Not only does this system give kids a place to unload weekly papers, it also helps them organize reference materials as the year changes.  You can even make one file labeled “papers for mom and dad”. These inexpensive creates come in lots of colors so let your kids pick their favorite one.

Home File - Tip 2

Tip #3-Create a snack bin in your pantry for the kids.  Place bins on a low shelf that they can reach and be sure to bag up snacks in healthy portion sizes.  You can even have the kids help, so they know what is available when they are hungry.  This is a great habit to get into as it makes packing lunches so much easier.


Tip #4-Hang a calendar in a centrally located place in your home.  The kitchen refrigerator often works well or anywhere that is frequently accessed and visible to all family members.  Select a colored pen or marker for each family member.  Attach a magnetic strip to the pen/marker, so they don’t get lost.  record each family members important events on the calendar: practices, games, recitals, appointments, birthday parties, tests/projects due dates, etc.  This way you can keep your busy family activities scheduled.


Tip #5-Getting ready the night before will help make for calm mornings, less stress and fewer forgotten items.  Some things to do the night before:

  • Pack lunches
  • Pick out school clothes (if you didn’t follow Tip #1)
  • Gather sports/dance/other activity items needed for the next day
  • When homework is completed, put it directly into backpacks
  • Put backpacks in the car or at the front door